Our mission

EYLAU CAPITAL acts as multicompartment securitization platform that helps entrepreuneurs raise capital through bespoke solutions.

To that effect, the Company or Compartment may acquire, directly or through another entity the risks associated with the holding of securities, receivables and of all properties (including securities of all kinds), movable or immovable, tangible, or intangible, as well as those which are related to debts or commitments of third parties by issuing securities whose value and performance depend on these risks.

Since the great financial crisis of 2008, traditional lenders have reduced massively their lending scope and capital available because of increasing regulation (Basel).
Consequently, private debt has taken on a greater role in financing the real economy.

Sophisticated investors cannot afford to ignore private debt to increase their target return and diversify their asset allocation.



Attractive returns
Short duration
Security packages
Low correlation to markets
8% to 15% p.a
Listed Equities and Bonds
12 to 36 months
1st rank mortgage, sharepledge, etc.


Bespoke Solution
Innovative structuring

Increased reactivity

Fair borrowing cost

Tailor-made loan structures
Direct access to investors
To monetize your assets
vs Traditional lenders
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